David Hayes

David is a Director of the Building Services Group at Expedite. As a chartered Engineer, David brings nearly 20 years of mechanical engineering delivery to Expedite focusing on technical excellence and modern, sustainable solutions. With a degree in mechanical engineering and an MSc in renewable energy system technologies, David truly understands building performance underpinned by his previous roles as a CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessor and BREEAM assessor.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Sadly, an engineer! … albeit working as an engineer in a Formula One team.

Describe your career in one sentence?  Diverse and progressive where I have embraced change and new challenges to improve my knowledge and become a better engineer, manager and mentor to others.

Proudest moment at work? Taking one of the worst performing buildings on a University campus, providing energy improvement measures which ultimately exceeded the project aspirations and led to a building award.


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