First drone image of installation at Heathcoat Fabrics

Heathcoat Fabrics, Tiverton – Proposed re-roofing of land locked warehouse

Expedite Engineering were engaged by Heathcoat fabrics to coordinate the re-roofing of one of the more difficultly located units.  With the site land locked between other active industrial units we were tasked with not only providing a valid and cost efficient design but also a design that would allow full install of main structure and all secondary cladding elements within  2 week shut down period.   The project was made complicated further by the compound and affluent mechanical plant and their extraction flues that exists within and around the area of works that can not be altered in any way during or after the frame install.  Until the short part shut down period, all works are to remain live throughout.  Expedite opted to generate internal and external point cloud surveys gathering accurate 3D information and allowing the primary structure to be built in Revit avoiding clashes and minimising all risks of an extended installation period.

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