Architecture and Visualisation

From inception to completion, we have the skills and imagination to ensure our clients receive a high-level service and a high-quality design.

Blue Dragon Cardiff

Within our team you will find a broad range of skills, consisting of dedicated architects, technicians, interior designers and 3D visualisers. We work together collaboratively, at every stage, to ensure each project has been robustly interrogated and will meet the high-quality standards that we set ourselves.

We follow the Building Information Model (BIM) in our work, in order to quickly and efficiently achieve the best results and have experience working across a number of sectors. Our strong portfolio consists of local authorities, housing associations, educational institutions and developers, and we are fortunate to benefit from frequent repeat customers.

We can easily integrate our proposals with other design professionals to ensure we are delivering a co-ordinated building to the construction team in order to minimise errors which can lead to costly delays on site.

A key understanding for us is allowing our customers to see their proposals before committing to construction. It’s why our visualisation team is so key – providing marketing materials in various formats including, animation, immersive virtual reality and still images to help bring a project to life, and assist in selling your project to the planning authority, potential investors or future occupants.

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If you would like to enquire about joining Expedite, please contact Liliana Aust on 01392 691631.

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